A Guide To Storing Your Treasures

Hello, my name is Pete Stone. Over the years, I have met a lot of interesting people and we have exchanged gifts. Many of these gifts are very unique and irreplaceable, with some being custom-made or created by the gift giver himself or herself. The problem is that I live in an apartment that is not very large. My only solution to this problem is to purchase storage space. There is an art to using a self-storage unit that I have discovered. With the right storage techniques, your belongings will last. Because I have learned so much, I have decided to create this blog to share my knowledge with anyone who needs it.

Renting Your First Self-Storage Unit? 3 Tips To Always Remember


Self-storage has become very popular in recent years because it helps people manage their storage needs without breaking the banks. The storage units come in a wide selection of sizes and shapes. You can choose the type, internal conditions, and other characteristics that you want to see in your unit. If it is your first time renting a unit, you might have difficulty deciding what works best for you. However, these tips will help you get the best.

Figure Out The Size of Unit You Need

You have to start by figuring out the size of the unit that will best serve your interests. If you rent a space larger than your needs, you will end up paying for more space than you are using, which is uneconomical. Similarly, renting a smaller unit than you need will inconvenience you because it won't meet your needs. Before renting the unit, create a list of all the things that you need to store in it. Consider the volumes and dimensions before deciding. Then, you can choose the unit best suited for your needs. You can even use a storage size estimator tool to help you decide the ideal size of unit for your needs. 

Ask Whether the Unit Is Insured

If you are storing valuables in a unit, it will be in your best interest to ensure that the management has insured it. Ideally, they should have insurance against losses and damage. If your unit does not have coverage, consider getting an insurance policy for renters. You could also add the unit to your homeowner's insurance or get third-party purchase insurance for it. An insured unit gives you the best storage experience. 

Organize Before Storage

A storage unit is naturally smaller than your home or office space. When storing things in the unit, you will have to stack things closely together. You have to be careful about organizing before storage to make this happen. Pack and label everything before putting it in the unit. Labels give you easy access to the items you store, making retrieval stress-free. You can also have an inventory and a map that indicates where you will find everything inside the unit. 

These are practical and straightforward tips that will give you an easy time when renting a self-storage unit. Get your unit from a trusted unit owner for the best storage experience. Look for a local facility like South Town Self Storage Inc. 


13 December 2021