A Guide To Storing Your Treasures

Hello, my name is Pete Stone. Over the years, I have met a lot of interesting people and we have exchanged gifts. Many of these gifts are very unique and irreplaceable, with some being custom-made or created by the gift giver himself or herself. The problem is that I live in an apartment that is not very large. My only solution to this problem is to purchase storage space. There is an art to using a self-storage unit that I have discovered. With the right storage techniques, your belongings will last. Because I have learned so much, I have decided to create this blog to share my knowledge with anyone who needs it.

Four Tips For Handling Storage Units


When it comes to leaving your belongings in storage units, you need to make sure you follow the right steps to make it a smooth process for you. Many times, people throw everything into self-storage units without any organization and find themselves stressed and overwhelmed when they cannot access their belongings easily. Here are a few tips for making your life with storage units much easier and much more productive.

Label Everything

If you are using boxes or totes, be sure to label everything that is inside so you know where things are. When you are packing, it might take a little extra time but it will save you the headache later on when you are trying to locate one specific item and have a clear list of the contents inside each box. A lack of labeling will force you to rifle through every box and it will end up taking much more time than if you had just labeled the items to begin with.

Where You Put Things Matters

When you know that you are going to need to get specific items out every few months, be sure to place these items towards the front of your storage unit. It will be very difficult to get your holiday decor when placed at the back of your storage units, so be sure to place the most frequently needed items at the front. The heavier, bulkier, and less needed items should always be placed at the back so they do not get in your way. 

Opt for Temperature-Controlled

For most people, it is crucial that you go for the temperature-controlled self-storage units, even if they are a little bit more expensive. If any amount of moisture creeps into your storage units, you can count on your belongings getting ruined. Moisture leads to mildew and mold and can be devastating for your furniture, electronics, and books. Your temperature-controlled self-storage units will also be protected from bugs and other critters that might come in and ruin your things. When in doubt, go for the temperature-controlled unit!

Knowing Your Belongings are Safe

Most self-storage units come with an added layer of protection in the form of security cameras. You will not have to worry about criminals breaking into your storage units because there is almost always a 24/7 surveillance system set up to help protect the storage facility as well as your personal items. 


24 September 2020