A Guide To Storing Your Treasures

Hello, my name is Pete Stone. Over the years, I have met a lot of interesting people and we have exchanged gifts. Many of these gifts are very unique and irreplaceable, with some being custom-made or created by the gift giver himself or herself. The problem is that I live in an apartment that is not very large. My only solution to this problem is to purchase storage space. There is an art to using a self-storage unit that I have discovered. With the right storage techniques, your belongings will last. Because I have learned so much, I have decided to create this blog to share my knowledge with anyone who needs it.

Spring Cleaning Time: Tips To Help You Get Started


Spring cleaning is a task that many dread, but it is a great time to get your home organized. Giving your home a top to bottom cleaning can give you and your family a sense of renewal. To get it done in an efficient manner, it is important to have a plan for tackling the project. To help you get started, here are a few recommendations on how you can kick off your spring cleaning.  

Declutter Your Home 

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in spring cleaning is to simply start the cleaning part. You can cut down on a lot of the work that you have before you by starting with decluttering first. Removing items from your home leaves far less to clean and frees up storage space within the home.  

Decluttering does not necessarily mean you have to throw away your belongings. Any items that will not be used for the rest of the year or for several months can be placed in storage. For instance, any standalone heaters can be placed in storage until the cold weather returns.  

If you are planning to use storage, opt for a climate-controlled unit. The warmer weather means a rise in humidity and you do not want it to have an impact on your belongings. You also need to properly prepare your belongings for the storage. For instance, you can place appliances or electronics snugly in their original packaging to protect them during transport and storage.  

Clean the Carpets 

Throughout the winter months, your carpets were subjected to a number of elements, including melted snow, dirt, and body oils. Unfortunately, those elements can leave your carpets dirty and stinky. Cleaning them is important for the health of you and your family. 

If you are cleaning the carpets yourself with rented equipment, test it on a hidden area first. You want to make sure you know how to use it and assess the impact on your carpeting before going to a more widespread area.  

In addition to cleaning the carpet, tackle the upholstery while you have the rental equipment. Once you have cleaned the carpeting and upholstery, open the windows to help speed up the drying so you and your family can enjoy your newly spring cleaned home.  

Spring cleaning can take several days, but with careful planning, you can get it done quickly and without compromising on the cleanliness. Contact a spring cleaning self storage to learn more.


14 June 2017